Online Safety Induction

The Adelaide Showground has a new, fully auditable, safety induction process.

This system is now up and running and it is important that you ensure you and all members of your team complete the induction prior to arriving onsite for any form of work.  

It is a condition of working or operating within this venue to complete this site induction. We ask that all Catering, Contractors, Exhibitors, Volunteers and staff working at the venue, during any stage of an event including the moving in and out phases, complete the induction and pass an online assessment.

Please use the following link to access the training portal. At the successful completion of the induction a receipt will be sent to the Adelaide Showground and an induction card will be sent to your nominated email address. Your induction card should be printed and carried with you at all times whilst you are at the venue. The induction card will be valid for a 12 month period from the time of issue  and will need to be renewed once expired. 

Conditions of Entry
Adelaide Showground External Gates Map

Online Induction Instructions:

Please click on the link included below and you will be directed to the Adelaide Showground Induction Portal.
Note: If the link fails to open copy and paste the link to your web browser.

•    At this point the log on page will be displayed. Scroll down to “New User” and fill out all details. Once you have entered this information you may return at anytime using the “Return User” section, with the user name and password you created when setting up the new user.

Important note: Please ensure the email address is entered correctly or you will not receive your Induction Card.

•    Click into the induction and you will then be offered a 30 page information slide show. The induction process should take approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

•    Please read through the information carefully, clicking on forward and reverse buttons (bottom left of screen) to scroll through the pages.

•    At the end of the induction close the web browser by selecting X at the top right of screen. You will be returned to the induction selection page. You may select the Checklist which is a useful list of requirements to consider prior to arrival at the venue and includes a grid map for the event.

•    To complete the induction process and obtain an Induction Card you must complete the mandatory Assessment. A pass mark of 90% is required to have successfully completed the induction.

•    You will be asked to confirm a statement of completion after which an email receipt will be sent to the Adelaide Showground and your nominated email address.

•    You MUST sign and carry your Adelaide Showground Induction Card with you at all times when working at the venue.

•    If you are asked to show your induction card by Event Security, Safety Wardens, Adelaide Showground staff or a SafeWork SA Inspectors and cannot produce the Induction Card you will be instructed to stop work immediately and rectify the situation.

•    It is strongly recommended that you complete your induction offsite prior to entering the Showground to avoid delays.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation, we do appreciate your time in completing this important safety induction. Please feel free to contact the Helpdesk on 0437 202 657. The Training Portal Link is:

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