Goyder & Jubilee Plazas

The Goyder & Jubilee Plazas have been developed as attractive and functional outdoor event spaces which complement their indoor equivalents. 

Goyder Plaza, addressing Goodwood Road, is a delightful area with significant landscaping, spectacular water feature and an amphitheatre accommodating 180 people.  This plaza interacts with the Goyder Pavilion through glass doors providing an opportunity for collection of guests in a peaceful setting prior to entering their event.  The Plaza features symbols of the Adelaide Showground's heritage –  raised planter beds featuring the state's horticulture, historic working windmill and interpretative signage explaining current environmental initiatives of the Centre.

Jubilee Plaza is located north of Jubilee Pavilion, adjacent to the Showground's Rose Terrace car parks.  This Plaza is fully landscaped, including planter beds, native trees and paving designed for maximum visitor impact.  Jubilee Plaza has been designed with large open areas to accommodate allowing significant outdoor exhibition sites.

Goyder & Jubilee Plazas have extensive electrical and water services, providing the opportunity for large outdoor events with full catering and entertainment  potential.

Fast Facts

  • Length of two plazas – 162 metres, 61 metres wide.
  • Jubilee Plaza site for the underground 3.5 million litre rainwater storage
  • Services within each plaza – electricity, water & waste


Goyder Plaza:
Amphitheatre 180

Cocktail  700

Jubilee Plaza:

Exhibition 2,400 sqm net lettable area

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